Evernote functionality - Android first

Evernote just launched sketching/handwriting functionality to their Android app, not on the iOS version (yet).

It happens so rarely that functions/apps are Android-first so worth a mention when it happens.
According to the image of the Galaxy S4 successor, the device will be 133.3 millimeters long and supports a screen of 5.25 inches which corresponds to previous rumors . We also see a QHD Super AMOLED screen type, which would mean that the Galaxy S5 indeed features a display with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 AMOLED. The pixel density (ppi) might come down to 560ppi
Seriously though, is it worth it? I mean, it'll take tons of CPU and battery to run that many pixels that you can't even see. I mean, the entire point of "retina" displays is that you're not going to be able to see the pixels, but there is a point where adding more pixels just won't make any difference than on a spec sheet.
Even when TV manufacturers makes LED TV's slimmer and slimmer there is still an actual use case for those superslim sets, and 4K video on a 60" TV is still not retina resolution. Well, it is when you're sitting in your couch, but then again, so is 1080p.
It's like the design team at Samsung said "We'll make the resolution of this 5" device the same as a 27" monitor, can we?" and the hardware team answered "Sure we can, but.." - "THEN LET'S DO IT!!!"

No merchandise is sold in the store

On an unusually warm day for New York City I found myself in a Samsung Galaxy store for a few minutes.
Point seven is quite interesting
In early January, while the rest of the consumer technology world at CES marveled at the sheer size of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy tablet, Google execs were dismayed by what they saw on the screen of the massive 12.1-inch slate — a fancy new user interface called Magazine UX.
As Re/code’s Bonnie Cha wrote at the time: “The Magazine UX looks like a mix of Flipboard and Microsoft’s Metro user interface with its dynamic dashboard and app shortcuts.” In other words, the interface was a dramatic departure from Google’s vision for Android.
Multiple sources familiar with the companies’ thinking say the two technology giants began hammering out a series of broad agreements at CES that would bring Samsung’s view of Android in line with Google’s own. The results of the talks, which have only just begun dribbling out to the public, also underscore the extent to which Google is exerting more of its influence to control its destiny in the Android open source world.
The wonder of open source... As long as you do it the way Google wants you to do it. Basically, Google is using Google Maps, an app Samsung hasn't yet created a homebrew solution for, to force Samsung into submission. Use Android as intended or lose the license.
...a worker was reportedly beaten unconscious by a guard for trying to bring in his own food.
The factory isn't even built yet, still work conditions are really poor.
Based on an in-depth undercover investigation, China Labor Watch (CLW) has published a report on the labor conditions at a Samsung cell phone supplier, revealing labor rights violations that include $84,000 of monthly unpaid overtime wages, up to 148 hours of overtime per month, intense rates of work that have workers assembling one cell phone case every four seconds, regular verbal abuse by management, forcing workers to work barefoot, fines imposed on workers, and insufficient safety training and safety measures.
It seems Samsung has become big enough for this to make headlines nowadays. I'm sure it has been this way all the time, but they're only big enough - like Apple - for the press to care about it.
A reader shares photos and a video of the Galaxy S4, which is burnt. She claims, Samsung refused to repair the device.
And this time, it's quite clearly when using the original charger. Sure, there may have been some other factors than just the charger itself, but Samsung's response is what strikes me as interesting in this case.
Skiing is a fun sport, but there are times when it can be inconvenient due to the thick clothing and equipment.
Buy the Samsung Gear and become a douchebag for life. Creepiest commercial in a long time. A real girl would have kicked him in the nuts so hard his eyes would have popped out.
Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans have revealed to The Verge that free future versions are under serious consideration by OS chief Terry Myerson. We understand the plans aren’t fully set in stone, but they’re part of broader changes Myerson is planning for the future of Windows.
I'm sorry, but isn't this a bit too late? Microsoft seems to think there are millions of consumers out there that haven't bought Windows Phone because they... dislike Nokia? Nokia makes great phones, and licensing the OS free of charge this late in the game is like hitting a home run when the stadium is already empty and all have gone home.
This is not a trick of the camera. There were zero shoppers in the store. At noon. On a Sunday in December at peak retail shopping season.
This is a little sad, actually...
The following chart was put together by Fidlee and demonstrates how iOS continues to support iPhone models that were released a number of years ago. In stark contrast, many current Android devices ship with iterations of Android that, at the time of sale, were already a generation behind the current version.
So, Microsoft's "Scroogled" ad campaign reaches a new low, now they're taking on the Chromebook in a new video
Where a girl wants to pawn her Chromebook for money, and the pawn owner (this is supposedly a tv show I've not seen) laughs at her and says that it's not a real laptop.
But the fun part? Yeah, he says that a real PC comes with "built in" software such as Office and... get this: iTunes.
I mean, come ON Microsoft! Not only is Office not "built in" in every "real PC", but are you guys really leveraging an Apple product when trying to sell PC hardware? Isn't that just... totally weird?
With the release of Mavericks, the usenet client MT-NewsWatcher for Mac have at long last been rendered inoperable due to Mavericks no longer supporting OpenTransport. It's pretty safe to assume that MT-NewsWatcher won't be updated to use another network protocol, so it is in effect, dead.
So what usenet client should a "hardcore" MT-NewsWatcher user use? Well, the most Mac-like usenet client available is Panic's Unison. They label it as the best Usenet browser, but I think the emphasize is on "browser" rather than "reader" since it focuses on file downloads more than making it easier to read usenet posts.
Usenet is a dying medium, but it's still there. If I was in charge, there would be a number of changes to Unison to make it more usable for us more "hardcore" users. Let's go to the bullet list first and the UI parts after that:


Make my Message-ID's less unique

Make it possible for me to filter on my own Message-ID due to it being unique, but still having some common part I can filter on. MT-Newswatcher bases the Message-ID on my email address. So if my email is "mr@sandman.net" then my Message-ID will be "mr-@usenet-host" when posting.
Alternatively, make "reply to my posts" and "threads I've participated in" as selectable parts of the filter dialog, which is what I use the Message-ID filtering for.
Here I can decide what number of articles MTNW should fetch and show me, giving me better control

Fetch X number of articles

I want a function that marks all posts read and hides them, but not the last X ones. Imagine me alt-clicking the "Mark all read" icon and it asks me if I want to mark all messages read except the last X number of articles or the X number of days. This way I can catch up with the latest posts.

Keyboard navigation

MT-Newswatcher has really good keyboard navigation and Unison needs it as well. Keyboard navigation for replying, marking read, moving to next thread/topic and marking current read and so on.

Post read syncing

MT-Newswatcher had support for storing the .newsrc file on a remote FTP server, but I used Dropbox to synchronize the read status and my subscription. Unison isn't using a .newsrc single file and seems to have its settings stored with several files, making it hard to know what to sync. Using iCloud to sync this is the natural solution.

More static UI

When i click a post in the list and the read pane is hidden - don't show it. Look at how Mail does this. Merely clicking a post in the list does not mean that I've changed my mind about hiding the read pane.

User interface

Unison needs some updates to the UI as well, since some things Are a bit backwards.
This is the UI as it currently looks. We have one list view where content stacks vertically but grows horizontally, meaning that the more horizontal space you have, the better for this view. Then you have the read pane, which has content that is horizontally dynamic and grows vertically, meaning that the more vertical space you have, the better.
Obviously, these two views cannot co-exist in the same viewing metaphor. So here is my solution.
Here is how this looks in MT-NewsWatcher. It uses separate windows for each view which means that each is optimized for the content it shows.
The most obvious thing is, make the sidebar selectable, or "hideable". That means more horizontal space, great!
Now, when clicking a post, show the reading pane to the right of the list. Still plenty of room for the list (especially in full screen mode)
And, especially when in full screen mode, show the reply pane on the bottom. Or use the Mail "popover" window mode and a normal window in non-fullscreen mode.
These simple changes would make the UI far more usable than it is today. Obviously, the user should be able to select where the read pane should be and so forth.
Apple is clearly doing a great job here. Kudos. If you want a device that delivers maximum battery life for light web browsing, there's no question that you should get something with an Apple logo on it. I just wish somebody could explain to me and Anand why Windows is so awful at managing idle power. We're at a loss to understand why Windows' terrible – and worsening! – idle battery life performance isn't the source of far more industry outrage.
I've always found this odd as well, why can't Windows laptop last all day?

Cintiq Companion

This is so amazing that I don't even have words for it. Wacom is releasing two tablets (finally!). One full-featured Windows 8 tablet and one Cintiq screen that becomes an Android tablet when detached. Amazing!