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Setting up EyeTV

01/15/2007 - EyeTV
Ok, what is a Media Mac without a TV tuner? And of all TV tuners out there for Mac, EyeTV is the best one. Here's how you set it up set by step, after having followed the setup guide it comes with and have it up and running.

Front Row

When Apple released Front Row, Elgato released support for it. The idea is that when invoking EyeTV's full-screen mode, there is an option there to launch into Front Row. Depending on what remote and remote software you'll be using, this may be the best choice for you.

Program Guide

Unfortunately, EyeTV's support for program guides are pretty slim, and unless you live in one of the supported countries, you're out of luck. Well, maybe not? At least there is a work-around if you live in Sweden. Maybe it will work for more countries?



Disable it from launching when the hardware is connected, we want to be in charge of that. Also disable "Automatically check for updates" but remember to do it manually very now and then.


Set "Full screen" to normal to avoid stretching effects. Overscan may be required, depending on your TV and progressive scan gives best video quality.

In full screen mode: Settings

Enable "Full Screen Menu as Default" so we'll always launch into that.
Now, launching EyeTV is pretty much up to what kind of remote control solution you've selected, so that is covered there.