Who copied who?

I think the recent lawsuit from Apple towards Samsung is just plain dumb. If you read the the claims, they are outlined where Apple claims that the Galaxy Tab is infringing on the Ipad for these reasons:
  1. A square shape with rounded corners
  2. A flat shiny surface
  3. A metal frame is visible from the front
  4. A screen is centered in the shiny surface
  5. When turned on, colored icons are shown.
Wtf? You can't protect that! That's just plain dumb. Not only does it exactly describe this:
But there is more. I wonder if there was any company prior to the iPad... or the iPhone, that made a product that not only fits the above criteria - but also looks a lot like an iPad? Well, yes there is - and that company is called Samsung!
March 2006. Square with rounded corners, shiny surface, metal frame. Check check check. I'm sure it has colored icons somewhere when turned on (a claim that is dubious to say the least, since the Samsung galaxy tab runs honeycomb, which doesn't necessarily show colored icons when turned on - i.e. home screen)
Apple, you're being dumb. Stop it.